I feel like so often, expertise in a thing you like (especially a geek/science/tech thing) is held over women - usually by men - as this impossible standard to aspire to. As though you can't like a thing unless you can answer any given question on it.


The person who write this post literally said thank you and you're saying it was ruined? < ikr I hate those hipster twats that whine about 'fandoms ruining posts' like go drown yourself in kombucha tea no one cares

everyone needs to hear this. Even the people who are talented. Its not their place to tell me i cant sing))))) you don't need someone else to tell you that you aren't allowed to have fun because you're not good at it. That's dumb.

This obviously doesn't extend to all teachers. The minority should not be the face of the majority of teachers who strive to see students pass, but I find cases like these to be kind of depressing.

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