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Canberra, Australia  ·  Aviation English Academy (AEA) is an Australian based school that focuses on the teaching and regulation of Aviation English.
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Futuristic biplane design eliminates sonic boom

A Futuristic biplane that changes shape to adapt to supersonic speeds. Designed to eliminate sonic boom.

Even if this is a hoax (& it apparently is) its a very cool photo. "Boeing 797"

Boeing 797 - Boeing have actual planes being tested by test pilots and appears this may be a common sight in the near future ! ( impressive plane )x

Vought V-173, 1942.

The Vought “Flying Flapjack” was an experimental U. Navy fighter aircraft designed by Charles H. Zimmerman during World War II. This unorthodox design consisted of a flat, somewhat disc shaped body (hence its name) serving as the lifting surface.

Future Aviation, Futuristic Aircraft, Aviones de pasajeros para 2025

Near the end of 2010 NASA chose three companies who would develop three new aircrafts for the year complying with NASA's guidelines for the futuristic planes.

The Jets of the Future Feature. How NASA and aircraft engineers intend to shape the future of air travel. By Andrew Rosenblum and Rose Pastore

NASA asked the world's top aircraft engineers to solve the hardest problem in commercial aviation: how to fly cleaner, quieter and using less fuel. The prototypes they imagined may set a new standard for the next two decades of flight.

Single person helicopter Zombie Escape Option! ;-)

Gennai Yanagisawa has invented the world's smallest one-man helicopter. The GEN is a 75 kg aluminum-framed copter with twin rotors powered by two engines. Each engine has independent ignition, .