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Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drops- best tasting things, we ate 'em like candy!

Luden's Wild Cherry cough drops - On Sunday in church in case you started coughing. Tasted like candy

Good old Dippity-do

Dippity-Doo I remember this all to well awwwwwwwwwwww my mom used the pink kind with my saturday night 'pin curls' for church in the morning !

View Master

The View of my very favorite toys as a kid. I could sit and look at the pictures for a long time! Everything from scenery to Disney caracters, and everything in between.

I loved these!

I soooo looked forward to Weekly Reader during the school year, but it was a special treat to get over summer break. Money was tight & I'm sure it cost extra. I'm so glad my folks made the investment.

Remember these hanging/swag lights in the 1970s? My Mom had one just like this one. If I had one today, I'd hang it up in the Living Room.

Nothing said home decor better than swag lamps.and gold shag carpets. We had this exact lamp in our living room.

sears catalog

Loved the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book! (We catalog ordered clothes from Sears, Montgomery Wards, Speigel on a regular basis). But the Christmas books were the best!