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    Mega Effects

    Mascara Revolutionized, Lashes Volumized! See what some of the top beauty magazines and bloggers are saying about Mega Effects Mascara.

    Mega Effects

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    Our revolutionary #MegaEffects Mascara is now available in Blackest Black - our favorite shade for bold, dark dramatic lashes!

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    Siempre Mujer names Avon #MegaEffects #Mascara as one of the 50 best beauty products of 2014!

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    Real Simple rounds up their top 20 beauty picks under $10 and #MegaEffects makes the list!

    20 Great Beauty Products for $10 or Less
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    #MegaEffects Mascara featured in the November issue of Lucky Magazine

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    • Emilia Solis
      Emilia Solis

      un super invento de Avon Mega Effects Mascara

    • Bonnie Hengeveld
      Bonnie Hengeveld

      Shop my store and get this awesome mascara!

    E! Online names #MegaEffects Mascara a must-have for Fall 2013!

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    #MegaEffects Mascara featured in Us Weekly!

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    #MegaEffects Mascara featured in the Fall special beauty issue of InStyle Magazine

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara
    • Katie Greer
      Katie Greer

      My grandmother is an Avon representative so we get Avon thins for Christmas and birthdays. I have this an it works amazingly!

    • Kandi Grisham
      Kandi Grisham

      Yes! I have tried it too and love, love, love the brush and it lasts longer than you think. Want to order one and some fresh eyeshadow? Go to to get your hands on some.

    We are so excited #MegaEffects Mascara won a 2013 Style Bistro Award for Readers' Choice Prettiest Product Packaging!

    Presenting: The Winners of the 2013 StyleBistro Awards
    • Jocelyn Delgado
      Jocelyn Delgado

      I have one of these and it actually works

    • Claire Pimental
      Claire Pimental

      This is a great mascara with mega effects and sexy.

    • Alice Sparks
      Alice Sparks

      Buy or Sell Avon and have fun.

    • Avon Independent Sales Representative
      Avon Independent Sales Representative

      this is by far the best mascara I've used LOVE IT!

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    Check out #MegaEffects Mascara in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living!

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    #MegaEffects Mascara is included in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens as a top pick to help get a glamorous gaze.

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    Thicker lashes now: #MegaEffects Mascara is featured in the September issue of Woman's Day!

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    #Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen's told REDBOOK Magazine she won't leave home without #MegaEffects Mascara in their September issue.

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    #MegaEffects Mascara was spotted in the September Issue of Vogue Magazine!

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara
    • Sharon Long
      Sharon Long

      This mascara is great! I carry a sample with me and show everyone I come in contact with. I love it.

    • Marla Chaney
      Marla Chaney

      Alright Avon!

    • Sara Mullins
      Sara Mullins

      Already selling these fast! Cool tool for getting that mascara just right!!!

    • Pietra Astore
      Pietra Astore

      I'm spreading the word...This is an easy way to apply your mascara than ever before; visit my Avon web page and you can have your very own!!

    • Monica Calo
      Monica Calo

      LOVE IT!! It's Avon's innovation that make s me proud to be an Avon Rep. Avon's other mascara has been and hit or miss with me and like most consumers I want to find my "Fave" This is it!. Long wearing, no flaking, full long lashes. And seriously... one swipe ( well two cause my lash line is longer than the brush) and one coat. \O/ YAY Avon!!

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    Calling all mascara fans! Avon #MegaEffects Mascara is featured in the September issue of Parents Magazine.

    Avon: Mega Effects Mascara

    Mega Effects featured on People magazine magazine in a #YHA red carpet how to get the look!

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    People magazine says #MegaEffects Mascara is one of the Best Beauty Cheapies in their August 2013 issue

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    • Joy Simmons-Villa
      Joy Simmons-Villa

      You have to try this! Its awesome!

    • Natashia Lopez
      Natashia Lopez

      Love this mascara. I can even apply without a mirror.

    • Joy Simmons-Villa
      Joy Simmons-Villa

      I know its amazing!

    • Melissa Plymel Ellwanger
      Melissa Plymel Ellwanger

      Keep seeing the new mega effects talked about. I love it!

    • Patricia Ward
      Patricia Ward

      Buy from

    ooo now this looks like an interesting change to the traditional mascara wand.....hmmm will have to try it! MakeupDot: Avon #MegaEffects New Mascara

    MakeupDot: Avon Mega Effects New Mascara

    "New #MegaEffects Avon" by raquel-lacasa on Polyvore

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    Say hello to's new little friend, Avon #MegaEffects Mascara!

    Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review-Beauty Reflections

    We love seeing #MegaEffects Mascara in the August 2013 issue of Real Simple.

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    "The applicator is genius..." -Avon Blogger Ambassador Amber Katz #MegaEffects

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    • Lillian Martinez
      Lillian Martinez

      I a Avon Rep and I love my Mega Mascara! It goes on very easy and makes a difference.

    • Patricia Ward
      Patricia Ward

      I have very thin eyelashes and it worked really well. www.youravon/pward7557

    • Karen Turner
      Karen Turner

      love this can order it on my website at

    #MegaEffects Mascara is featured on Clumps of Mascara Beauty Blog!

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    Beauty Blogger Opinion Nothing reviewed #MegaEffects Mascara. See what she has to say!

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    "The Brush Will Blow Your Mind" -Danica Lo of #MegaEffects

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    "This mascara is nothing short of AMAZING." -Avon Blogger Ambassador Lianne Farbes #MegaEffects

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    • Ranee Yohn
      Ranee Yohn


    • Ranee Yohn
      Ranee Yohn

      I need one :)

    • Amanda Williams
      Amanda Williams

      I thought of you as soon as i seen this

    "The formula is super-black and extremely shiny, and the brush lets you push a lot of mascara into the roots of your lashes, where you want it most."-Dawn Davis of #MegaEffects

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    So proud of our full page feature in the August issue of Allure Magazine! #MegaEffects

    AVON | Shop Avon Beauty Products
    • Davia Gorman
      Davia Gorman

      I love this stuff so much I decided to join avon!

    • Patricia Ward
      Patricia Ward

      Me too. I thought no no one is doing anything different but this is great.

    We spotted #MegaEffects Mascara in People En Español's July issue.

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    "It was love at first swipe" Check out #MegaEffects mascara on the pages of Family Circle Magazine July 2013 issue

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    #MegaEffects mascara is featured in the July 2013 issue of Glamour.

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    We spotted #MegaEffects Mascara in the July issue of InStyle Magazine.

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    #MegaEffects Mascara is an editor's favorite in the July/August 2013 issue of Fitness Magazine

    Shop Avon Beauty Products

    Check out #MegaEffects mascara on the pages of the June/July issue of Ser Padres

    AVON | Shop Avon Beauty Products

    #MegaEffects made its mega debut on The Today Show with beauty expert Bobbie Thomas. Watch the segment and repin if you are excited about this revolutionary mascara!

    Bobbie's Buzz: Cutting-edge beauty products

    "The applicator concept is definitely changing the game..."-mark Blogger Ambassador Lara Ramos

    avon mega effects mascara