Mind blowing sentences from Howl's moving castle (Studio Ghibli Film) >I watched it so many times, yet I still missed that XD

Spirited Away

Spirited Away ; I just finished this movie for the first time and I loved it.<<<<< I think I should watch this movie

Seiji, Howl, and Ashitaka, from Whisper of the Heart, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke (Studio Ghibli)

Whisper of the heart, Howl's moving Castle & Princess Mononoke. these are princes!

Howl's Moving Castle. When a young girl is cursed by a spiteful witch, her only hope lies in a self-indulgent young wizard. Christian Bale. Lauren Bacall. Emily Mortimer. Billy Crystal. It may be difficult to follow for younger viewers, but is a wonderful story and beautifully done.

Howl's moving castle (movie) (can't count how many times)

Studio Ghibli <3 such powerful and motivational characters

Looking back on all these characters you get a sense of bond between them and you. You know that in some ways these characters are the best support and encouragement you could never need.