Russian ornament
Medieval Russian embroidered ornament
old russian ornaments
old russian ornaments
Traditional Russian Ornament
Russian_ornament_1.jpg (800×791)
Russian folk ornaments
Greek ornament
Russian ornament 2
old russian ornaments

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Greek ornament Inspiration for Bella's tattoos
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Image - Illuminated pages of the Izbornik of Sviatoslav (1073).
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Now that's a heck of a peerage scroll - carved wooden runestone for a Viking persona.
I WILL learn Cyrillic calligraphy, if it kills me.
Saint Simeon Metaphrastes, Imperial Counselor of Constantinople for 3 Emperors, so successfully negotiated with Arabs occupying Crete he was asked to choose a reward. Simon asked to retire and become a monk, and Emperor let him. As a monk, he collected the Lives of 150 Saints from scattered manuscripts, writing the basis of today’s Synaxaria. For this he is called Metaphrastes, 'Translator' or 'Editor.’ At his repose, healing myrrh flowed from his body. (Image from his "Lives of the…