Forest tapestry with Celtic knotwork.

Not really embroidery but close enough for my board - Forest Tapestry: Featuring Celtic knotwork.

An accurate representation of the Mead hall in Herot owned by Hrothgar. The popular "bar" at the time that Grendal hated.

This is a representation of an Anglo-Saxon mead hall, much like Hrothgar's in Beowulf. These halls were gathering places to for the Anglo-Saxons to gather, tell stories, and drink.

'Generations' - Celtic Raven Triple Goddess by Stephanie Lostimolo.

Generations - Celtic Raven Triple Goddess Shaman by Stephanie Lostimolo.

Celtic Knotwork Cat

Celtic Knot Inspired Cat by labrattish on deviantART. Would make an amazing tattoo!

The vesna or vesnas were mythological female characters associated with youth and springtime in early Slavic mythology, particularly within Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. Along with her male companion Vesnik, she was associated with rituals conducted in rural areas during springtime.

Vesna: Slavic goddess of spring, birth and renewal; also known as the Mokosh Slavic goddess of earth and fertility.

CORAX - Raven Shaman Art Print by Stephanie Lostimolo

Corax Celtic Crow Raven Shaman Art Print by Nethersphere. , via Etsy.

Hrothgar's Large Mead Hall Tankard    24 ounces by lockmanpottery, $24.00

Items similar to Combed white slip large mug , 22 ounces on Etsy