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Hampton Creek Foods

Hampton Creek Foods introduces Beyond Eggs! A healthier and safer ingredient for egg-based food products. Featured in Popular Science. Plant based egg subsitute. | Beyond Eggs | Just Mayo | Eat The Dough ||

Hampton Creek Foods

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Hampton Creek and Other Startups Hope to Get into the Food Supply | MIT Technology Review

Hampton Creek at Tenleytown Whole Foods with ABC 7 (Washington DC) - YouTube

Next time you’re in the supermarket, you might want to check out Hampton Creek Foods' plant-based Beyond Eggs. This egg substitute is the result of tinkering with nearly 350 prototypes and studying the egg-substitution properties of 287 types of plants, according to Hampton Creek Food’s CEO Josh Tetrick.

Jane Velez Mitchell Segment: Hampton Creek Founder & CEO, Josh Tetrick, speaks on "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.". R & D backed by Bill Gates, "Future of Food".

It begins. Food should taste awesome. And, yep, even help create a healthier & more humane world. #justmayo launches @hcfoods follow on twitter & instagram!

Twitter / hamptoncreek: It begins. Food should taste ...

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'Take the animal out of the equation' - Josh Tetrick, Founder of Hampton Creek's Beyond Eggs

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Josh Tetrick is the CEO of Hampton Creek Foods for Beyond Eggs, producers of a new plant-based egg product that seeks to transform the egg industry by delivering a mainstream product that exceeds expectations of taste, texture and versatility, making it a superior product in many ways than the chicken egg it seeks to replace.

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