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Court Rules That Insurance Company Must Cover Medical Cannabis - Awareness Junkie

A judge out of New Jersey ruled that a man’s insurance company must pay for the cost of his medical cannabis treatment. This may establish an important precedent.

This video leaves me hopeful about oil pollution in our waterways. Super-absorbent sponge is so quick, and both sponge and recovered oil can be reused.

Alternative washing inspiration: Foam called Oleo Sponge pulls dispersed oil from water, including below surface

Cannabis shows to be more effective than pharmaceutical drugs for fibromyalgia

The newly-released cannabis pain patch targets seemingly explainable pain associated with fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy.

Predator Control Ban in Alaska Overturned Putting Hibernating Animals in Danger - Awareness Junkie

On Febuary congress voted 225 to 193 in favor of overturning a ban on predator control in Alaska.