11 Ways to Master Multiplication! Mastering Multiplication facts is such an important skill in elementary. If students can master the basics, all other math concepts are so much easier to learn. Check out these engaging, effective and fun ways to build strong foundational skills for future learning.

Mastering Multiplication!


Learn how to use interactive number lines in your classroom to teach whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Use this fun and interactive math activity to develop conceptual understanding all students. FREE templates included.

Using Interactive Number Lines to Support Number Sense


9 math youTube channels for kids

9 Fun Math YouTube Channels for School Age Kids | iGameMom


Resource Math Interactive Notebook - YouTube Love this_ going to model math journals after this next year!

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Game: true/false math facts I would use this when teaching about adding multiple numbers. I would have students do this in math centers. I really like how students have to work out all of the problems and then decide if they are true or false.

The Reading Corner: FREEBIE and a math game


Math sorts - really like this idea! Could do it with fractions, multiplication, division... Anything!

The Reading Corner: Thinking about Non Fiction and Math Daily 5


The Game That Is Worth 1,000 Worksheets - Math Games to improve math skills instead of worksheets!

The Game That Is Worth 1,000 Worksheets


A game for 2 or 3 players. Each player chooses a color pencil they will use in the game. Players take turns rolling the dice, using the numbers that they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square & writing the area in the middle of the shape. Game ends when players run out of room to draw. Winner is the player who has used the largest area/most squares.

Area Dice Game | Relief Teaching Ideas


Multiplication Game Board: THIS IS AMAZING! My 3rd grader couldn't get enough!

Gaming the System. |


7th Grade Pre-AP Math Interactive Notebook - Maria Gonzalez - Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums - Maria Gonzalez - 7th Grade Pre...


Geometry Success for High School Students


cool math games & math worksheets

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Cool Math Games


The 4th Grade May-niacs: Math Review Folder

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Math Review Folder


Having many kinds of dice leads to many ways to improve additive reasoning. Quick, easy, no prep games and routines to add to your classroom today!

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Corkboard Connections: 3 Strategies to Conquer Math Word Problems

Corkboard Connections: 3 Strategies to Conquer Math Word Problems


math metric conversion steps

Guesthollow.com - Homeschool Curriculum, Printables & Resources


Free Multiplication Flash Cards 1 to 12 - Color red, pink, green, blue and white - 3Dinosaur.com

Free Multiplication Flash Cards | 3 Dinosaurs


Teaching in Special Education: Algebra Interactive Math Notebook

Teaching in Special Education: Algebra


Mental multiplication with zeros

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Alice Waters

Designed for interactive notebooks and lapbooks, this activity includes cut and paste pockets and addition facts (up to 10+10) to sort and learn by strategy. CCSS aligned for 1st and 2nd grade. Help your students learn their math facts in a more hands on way! 50% off for the first 72 hours.

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Literacy & Math Ideas: Note Taking in Math

Literacy & Math Ideas: Note Taking in Math


Free App: Visualize Math Concepts with Base10 | iGameMom

Free App: Visualize Math Concepts with Number Pieces | iGameMom


UberSmart #Math Facts #Review "The results told me exactly how many of the given problems were missed, and how much time he spent on it." #homeschool

UberSmart Math Facts - A Review - AdenaF


Operations with Positive and Negative Numbers Flippable by Hodges Herald (perfect use of Flippable Templates)

Hodges Herald: A Really Large Number Line


FREE #Math Printables! Over 60 free worksheets and games for math enrichment for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade!

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