Fairy tails one of the best!

The correct answers are Fma Soul eater one piece and fairy tail :D (cant only choose one Favorit anime)<<<<<<<< I would choose Fairytail

Lol this is too funny! - dragon ball z

Just Some Dbz Things

Just Some Dbz Things. Giggled a little too much when I got to the "Wearing matching outfits with your best friend" picture.

Shenron and the seven magic dragon balls

Shenron and the seven magic dragon balls. Would be the best tattoo ever!

Goku ssj4 + Vegeta ssj4 = Gogeta ssj4 Dragon Ball GT

Goku + Vegeta = Gogeta Dragon Ball GT Probably the only interesting part of DBGT. to be honest hahaha


Saiyans, half Saiyans, and Pan who is mostly human but somehow still freakishly strong (lol)