I’m not sure what to focus on Her hair? her clothes? her shoes? the fact that her hair kinda looks like the tree in the background How does she drive

Funny picture. I remember those days well. He's looking at me.

Stick figure family decals have been around since if you can believe it, and though their 15 minutes of fame has LONG expired. These 10 antisocial stick figure family decals cleverly mock, belittle, shame and otherwise

Show off your love for kitties with this adorable cat lady (temporary) tattoo.

Show off your love for kitties with this adorable cat lady (temporary) tattoo. OR GET THE REAL THING!

Funny DIY Toddler Couple Costume: Old Man from UP and His Old Lady... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Funny DIY Toddler Couple Costume: Old Man from UP and His Old Lady

instead of the bed my dog will sleep on her bean bag, she rules everyone with her big eyes (Lilly)

Some dog wisdom. Live like someone left the gate open! Unless the bed is warm. Then stay in bed. Funny dog image with captions.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings [Pic]

Funny pictures about Piranha Plant Earrings. Oh, and cool pics about Piranha Plant Earrings. Also, Piranha Plant Earrings photos.


Because carrying tissues in your pocket would be ridiculous. Would come in handy during allergy season though!

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cutiest baby bunny ever! my fav. animals are bunnys as you can tell lol i use to have one but we gave her away:( i was sad and i still miss her but lol this bunny is so cute! lol i should probly shut up so yeah cutie

Funny Stuff http://wri.es/KYUTr #feedingthenet

30 Hilarious Minion Images cool despicable me entertainment funny humor minions movie

DIY project trend: donuts with pink icing and sprinkles!

DIY Project Trend: Donuts with Pink Icing & Sprinkles

StudioDIY // DIY Donut Pinata ( A Surprise Virtual Baby Shower!) - love this for a donut themed party!

Funny earrings hoops toilet paper sead bead FUN - different. $33.99, via Etsy.

Funny Earrings Hoops Toilet Paper Seed Bead FUN tradition - different Auburn Toomer's Corners

HAhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhahahhahhahhahhahahahahhahhahhahahhahahahhahhhahahhahahhahahhahhahahhahahhahhahhahhahhahahhahhahahahhahahhahhahahhahahhahahahhahhahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Trick Photography And Special Effects

Funniest toilet paper art I have ever seen. Of course, it is the only toilet paper art I have ever seen, but it is still hilarious!