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Deployed military support

OPERATION WE ARE HERE offers a clearinghouse of resources for the military community and military supporters. More resources for DEPLOYMENT SUPPORT (MILITARY PERSONNEL) found here:
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Deployed Military Support

Dear Veterans

2016 Promotions

My Name Is

Hard Work


Dear Veterans, My name is Jeremy, I am seven years old. I am writing to thank you for all your hard work in protecting us and our country. I also want to thank you for fighting for our freedom. Love, Jeremy Perez

Operation We Are Here

Creative Ways

Deployed Military

Father S

Father'S Day


Military Support




Creative ways to celebrate deployed military dads this Father's Day! ‪#‎milfam‬ ‪#‎milchild‬ ‪#‎deployment‬ All free to download.

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Living a Sunshine Lifefrom Living a Sunshine Life

Writing Letters to Deployed Soldiers: What Not to Write

Love Letters To Your Boyfriend

Army Girlfriend Letters

Marine Girlfriend Quotes Boyfriends

Air Force Girlfriend Crafts

Girlfriend Gift Ideas

Marine Bootcamp Girlfriend

Army National Guard Girlfriend

Military Girlfriend Quotes

Soldier Letters

What not to write in a letter to a Soldier. Guideline for things not to include, as well as a list of ideas for things to include in your letter to a deployed Soldier.

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Deployment 🙁

Support Deployment

Surviving Deployment

Military Support

Deployed Military

Military Families

Allied Shirts

Heavy Vinyl

Military Resources Benefits

Support our military with a free custom t-shirt thanks to BuildASign & Allied Shirts! More military resources at!

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Military Mailing

Deployed Military

Overseas Mail

Dates Announced

Mailing Dates

Deployments Suck

2014 Military

Military Thing

Military Family

2014 military mailing dates announced by USPS! To ensure delivery of cards and packages to your loved ones overseas, mail by these dates.

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Military Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving Decorations

Spending Thanksgiving

Comments Thanksgiving

Christmas Decor

Army Mom

Army Life

Seems like those who deserve thanks the most may not be able to be home for Thanksgiving. Thank you to our armed forces!

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Info Halloween

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Green Halloween

Haunting Halloween

Halloween Candy

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Too much Halloween candy? Wondering what to do with your leftover candy? If you send it to Operation Gratitude, they'll send it to the troops! Learn more here: Halloween Candy BuyBack Program Looking for a dental office near you that's participating in the Halloween Candy BuyBack Program? Use your zip code to search for one here:

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Operation Holiday

Newlywed Pilgrimage

Banner Fourth

Idea Hoarding

Independence Celebration

Modern Pilgrim

Pilgrim Blog

Kat Loves

Deployed Military

Veterans Day

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Heritage Girls

American Heritage

Ksp Military Life

Military Family

Deployment Homecoming

Military Deployment

Marine Girlfriend

Army Wife

Safe Tonight

Have a little extra candy to share with our deployed military? Operation We Are Here has a list of organizations that will send it to the Troops! Visit

Support for Deployed Military Personnel - Special Days

Military Kit

Kit Army

Military Love Marines

Marine Milso

Sending Military

Marine Moms

Military Support

Packages Order

Packages Free

Call 1-800-610-8734 & ask for the military kit, USPS will send you 2 large flat rate boxes,2 medium flat rate boxes, 2 medium flat rate shirt boxes, 6 priority mail labels, 1 roll of priority mail tape, 6 custom forms, & envelopes! This will all be sent to your house.

Free Military Care Package Kit : Army Mom Strong

Reed Christmas

Military Christmas

Christmas Service

Christmas Card Wishes

Holiday Cards

Perfect Christmas

Happy Christmas


Cross Holiday

It's that time of year ~ HOLIDAY MAIL FOR HEROES 2013! #Christmas #Military #Support Once a year, the American Red Cross delivers holiday cards to veterans, military families and active-duty service members at hospitals and installations around the world. Start planning how you can get involved with your family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers! Plan a card-making or card-signing event!

Holiday Mail for Heroes | Ways to Help | American Red Cross

Deployed Military

Military Care

Military Support

Military Life

3 Devil

Devil Dogs

2013 Christmas


Mailing Deadlines

2013 Christmas/Holiday mail deadlines have been announced! Show your support for our #deployed #military by sending cards, letters, and care packages!

MPSA Federal Voting Information

Bedtime Prayer

Troops Safe

Troops Lord

Usa Troops

Soldiers Prayer

Prayer Marines

Fallen Soldiers Quotes

Prayer For Veterans

Marines Praying


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American Heros

American Pride

American Soldiers

American Patriots

Usa Military

Military Heroes

Military Stuff

Military Quotes

Memorial Day Military


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Our American Heros

American Freedom

American Soldiers

American Military

Admirable American

True American

Patriotism God Bless

America Patriotism

Troops Military

Support the Troops

Saved by

Operation We Are Here ~ Military Resources

Soldiers Military Heroes

Military Veterans Support

Military Veterans Patriotic

Military Usa

Support Our Troops

American Military

Military Thing

States Military

Veterans Salute

One nation under God and these men and women protect not only our freedom but others as well... God Bless Our Troops!!!

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Heritage Girls

American Heritage

Ksp Military Life

Military Family

Deployment Homecoming

Military Deployment

Marine Girlfriend

Army Wife

Safe Tonight

Be safe tonight, little trick-or-treaters! And if you have extra candy to share, ask your parents to send some to our deployed military. They love to receive Halloween candy too!

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Deployment Survival

Deployment Stuff

Military Deployment

Parent Overseas

Troops Overseas

Military Gifts

Military Wife

Easily Send

Kid S Shirt

DOG TAGS FOR KIDS: As of September 2012, they have sent over 731,000 tags to the Troops overseas to send home to their children. FREE for the service member and their family. Something the kids can hang onto until Dad or Mom returns home. Eg. "With Love From Dad, U.S. Army, Iraq 2007"

Dog Tags for Kids - From a Parent Overseas to a Child at Home

Holiday Boxes

Uso Holiday

Edible Treats

Tasty Treats

Deployed Military

Military Life

Help Servicemen

50 Troops

Support Uso

HOLIDAY SUPPORT (USO Holiday Boxes): From scary movies for Halloween to tasty treats for the winter holidays, these deliveries work off of recommendations from troops in the field. There are four separate boxes: Valentine’s Day/Football; Memorial Day/Summer/Fourth of July; Halloween/Thanksgiving and Winter (with Christmas and Hanukah add-ons).

USO Holiday Boxes | USO

Mary Kay Products

Products Tips

Soldiers Angels

Military Support

Sending Holiday


Operation Mary

Help Comfort

Local Mary

SKIN PROTECTION (Solders' Angels Operation Mary Kay): You can donate Mary Kay products to help comfort the troops who are sizzling under the hot sun in the Middle East. Selected independent Mary Kay distributors have teamed up with Soldiers' Angels to get our troops the skin protection they need.

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Troops They'Re

Stuff Stuff

Fall Stuff

Give2Thetroops Org

Troops Serving

Putting Smiles

Hardest Times

Mom Strong

Don'T Receive

HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING (Give2TheTroops®): The holidays are always the hardest times for all troops. They're away from their loved ones and many don't receive a piece of Halloween candy, a Thanksgiving card, a slice of pumpkin pie, etc. It's just another "routine day" for them. Give2TheTroops works hard at putting smiles on our troops' faces and giving thanks to all our troops serving for us. So we are going to bring the fall holidays to THEM!


Away Deployment Ideas

Deployment Army Wife

Deployed Military

Deployment Support

Military Personnel

Military Support

Spouse Life

Wife Life

Nuts Sweets

SNACKS (Operation Caramel Corn ~ Naper Nuts & Sweets, IL) ships caramel corn to deployed military personnel.

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Military Camo

Deployed Military

Force Military

Military Support

Military Families

Military Stuff

Devotionals Christian

Christian Encouragement

Package Ideas

The OPERATION WORSHIP SIGN A BIBLE APP allows you to send a personal message FREE of charge to an active duty member of the military. Each message is printed and placed into the front cover of a Military Camo covered Bible and it is deployed FREE to a member of the military. There is no charge for this service and you can sign unlimited Bibles using this application.

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Ethical Halloween

Donate Halloween

Halloween Dentist

Extra Halloween

Halloween Candy

Halloween Ideas

Military Troops

Deployed Military

Program Kids

HALLOWEEN (Operation Gratitude's Halloween Candy Buy Back Program): Kids...sell your candy to a participating dentist and they'll send it to deployed military. Share the treats!

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Sending Holiday

Holiday Mail

Office Holiday

2012 Holiday

Mail Military

Military Cards

Deployed Military

Military Support

Military Families

CHRISTMAS (USPS): 2012 holiday mail and shipping dates for military mail. #military support

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