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Nina Urhahn
Nina Urhahn
Nina Urhahn

Nina Urhahn

I bought this uv lamp so I could start doing my own shellac manicures at home. I was worried because some say you have to use the uv lamp that CND sells in order for your shellac nails to come out right. That's not true! From what I read from others, your lamp just has to be 36 watt like this one is. It's so affordable and it works like a charm. Two thumbs up! $31.29

If you are an outdoorsy kinda girl like I am, this is definitely not for everywhere. It is very cute and sexy. Great quality.

My skin is dry and ashy, especially in the winter. I like this lotion because it is thick enough to be effective but is still spreadable (unlike the standard Eucerin cream, which I find harder to apply than ultra-thick vaseline!) It's on the higher end of the drugstore lotion brands, but not by too much. I try other brands, but I always come back to Eucerin calming creme.

Ordered these from amazon for myself and let me tell you, these earrings look just like the pictures, they are freaking amazing!

These earrings are cute and overall, the individual pieces of cubic zirconia on them seem like they will stay in place for awhile (but I just received them in the mail).

It is super cute and fits well. It is a bit darker than shown but still a nice light blue. Very satisfied.

This diamond stud earrings are small but the color is clear. Great price for the product. The package arrived fast, well packed with secured delivery. I'm pleased with this purchase.

I tried Obsidian today, and let me tell you it went beyond what I expected!!! Like Luminary and Black, Obsidian contains a Silicone Emulsion that leaves your skin velvety smooth. The volcanic minerals in this lotion provide much needed nourishment that your skin needs. The 30X Bronzer is this lotion broke through my tanning plateau and I had a super dark color with the first use. Plus, this lotion is a thermogenic, meaning it provides a warming sensation while tanning. $39.37

I really like this mascara. It gives my lashes some serious "oomph" without being too overdone. It is more of a volumizing mascara than a lengthening mascara, just FYI, and I've experienced some mild flaking issues, but otherwise it's great. The color is also super black, which I love. I recommend it. $22

I love this bathing suit, it fits perfectly. and it makes my boobs look bigger.

I love this polish. It turns out that I love this polish more than I anticipated. It arrived late because the wrong zip code was placed on the package; however, it arrived just in time for me to apply it for my trip. Love it!

If you are an outdoorsy kinda girl like I am, this is definitely not for everywhere. It is very cute and sexy. Great quality.

Boots can be very tricky, but these are amazing. Although I actually bought these in a store (to get the perfect fit), I can say they're definitely true to size, if not maybe the slightest bit big.

This is a great color of polish and goes with any color outfit or make-up. It's a great choice if you are looking for a less dramatic color choice than black but still want an impact. $5.55

I've been salivating over these boots for years and finally took the plunge. The style is classic. The boots definitely run large - I usually wear a 7.5 or 8 and I tried the 7.5, it was too big, tried the 7 and it was still too big, but the 6.5 fit just right! They look amazing with leggings, tights, jeans tucked in or just bare legs and a dress or skirt.

I like the juicer a lot. The mouth of the opening is a little on the small side meaning that I have to cut the vegetable and fruits up small but other that that, it does what it should. It was easy for me to assemble and take apart. The cleaning is not an all day process. $29.88

Great stylish boot for the winter just love it!

Beautiful pair of boots. No beakin required. Comfortable right out of the box! I was alittle nervous about the sizing after reading other Frye boot reviews and customers having to order a 1/2 size down. I order my regular size and love the way they fit.

I love this, i recently bought it from the tanning salon but will be ordering through amazon because its half the price. The first time i used it I fell in love with them smell and wheni got out of the tanning bed i didnt smell or feel gross like some of the other ones do. It worked the first time i used it! I realllly like it! I tan year round but was tanning more for a trip and this helped speed the process. $19.88

I loved this product I had been using it for over 5 weeks and very effective, it fades discolorations,age spots, freckles, etc.I would recommend this product, will continue using it because it's 100 % effective, very happy and results is amazing. $41.10

The book came in an extraordinary presentation. For the fans of the trilogy I really recommend it. I am very satisfied because I live outside the US and asked for an expedite-shipment. I thought that the 7 days expedite would be a lie, but the book arrived in just 3 days!!! So for the people outside the US, go for it, they really full-fill the expectations.

These work so well! I used a whole box, and over a month I received more and more comments on how white my smile was, and to this day my teeth are shiny, white, and all thanks to these whitening strips. Definitely buy these! $40.99

Dark red, its perfect! :)

My new boots are great .. perfect fit, great look, super comfortable and I'm the envy of all my friends.

This sampler is absolutely wonderful and absolutely perfect after cutting one's nails. The Grapeseed Oil and Honey handcream is perhaps the best smelling cosmetic I've ever used, and the lemon butter cuticle cream feels wonderful. $15.50