Love the red in the belt and the pocket square. Can do without the bracelet though. Wear the bracelet with a matching brown belt without the red pocket square for a different but equally smart look.

Tattoo by Marie Kraus

Tree Woman Tattoo by Marie Kraus~ really amazing


Here is an example of a basic suit. It's simple yet classy. Do not forget the tie clip! A floppy tie is enough to bring your whole look down. Also, a fitted shirt is key. You don't want to look like you are swimming in your clothes.

navy blue and tan

- For some reason I think it's so attractive when men carry umbrellas!--it is--the night I met Jon, it was pouring down rain and he carried an umbrella.


Leather & Cloth Andrew Boot by J Shoes, Men's Fall Winter Fashion.

Mens Fashion Tips | Learnist

Could use pocket squares for my suits, jackets, etc. How to Fold Pocket Squares for Men's Suits How to videos


Black leather boots mens fashion and styling. This is hot for a guy.

herringbone w/ scarf

A picture of an awesome jacket, a snazzy scarf, and coincidentally my boyfriend (I. Nonexistent) Boglioli Jacket and Scarf

Sunday casual.

Tweed Jacket, Jeans, fine wool waist coat and a pocket square.


This guy looks like the bad end of a blind date. is not an acceptable beard. metro hipster gnome is not a good look for anyone.