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a person is playing an electric guitar with their thumb on the fret and finger
How to Adjust Action on a Bass: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
a person is holding a pair of pliers in front of an electric guitar
Setting Intonation on a Bass — Haze Guitars
the diagram shows how to measure an area with no walls or flooring, and where it is located
Fender Guitars – Page 3 – Learning Guitar
These fender stratocasters are great #fenderstratocasters
a comic strip with instructions on how to use soldering is easy and fun for kids
Soldering Is NOT Rocket Science!
Soldering is NOT Rocket Science! Detailed images and step by step instructions.
two different types of scissors with the words wrong and right
Search results for: 't solder'
Soldering Basics and "The Ten Commandments" For Electronic Soldering These are two sequential pages from the same site. With the Maker phenomenon in full swing, there is a need for helpful tips like these. Kids should not solder without supervision. Adults who have never soldered (and kids) need to know these tips. Going in Life Skills and in Technology.
the diagram shows how to use different types of tools for cutting wood and other materials
a man is playing an electric bass guitar
DIY: How to Set Up a Bass Guitar
DIY: How to Set Up a Bass Guitar || Whether electric bass is your main instrument or you’re a guitarist who doubles on 4-string, it’s important to keep your axe in tip-top shape. In this handy guide, Nashville guitar tech and luthier Tony Nagy explains how the pros do a bass setup. As you’ll soon discover, it’s not hard to make your bass play and sound great. In this step-by-step tutorial, Nagy walks you through the entire
Finesse It II Polishing Compound
ReRanch-recommended Polishing Compound
a red electric guitar sitting on top of a table
Pinecaster with a Bigsby
Neck and Bridge alignment procedure
the cover of how to clean a guitar fretboard by john o'connor
How to Clean a Dirty Guitar Fretboard
Step-by-step guide on how to clean a really filthy guitar fretboard
the instructions for how to use an inflatable rubber tube with nozzles
How to Set Intonation on Your Electric Guitar
Intonation Adjustment
an image of a guitar being repaired with the words les paul neck removal and repair
Les Paul Neck Removal and Repair — Haze Guitars
Removing the neck from a Les Paul is never something to undertake lightly. In this case, it was necessary to repair a broken neck. Click through to see what's going on here…
two pictures showing how to wire up an electric guitar head and the same part being used
Hot-Rod Your Electric: Tiny Tone Tweaks, Done Dirt Cheap
5 easy (and practically free) mods to hot-rod your electric via Premier Guitar magazine.
an electrical diagram showing the various components
Of Polepieces and Magnetic Fields
How to Adjust Your Guitar Pickups for Best Sound
an image of a table with different types of bowls on it and the names below
Guitar & Music Institute Online Guitar Lessons | Online Guitar Lessons
Ruokangas Neck Profiles
the different types of hats for men and women
What's your favorite Warmoth neck profile?
What's your favorite Warmoth neck profile? - Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum
the instructions for how to build a boat
Music Stores in Springfield MO
Guitars are made to be played and the easier they are to play, the more pleasure they bring their owners. The action - the distance between the strings and the fingerboard - should be just right and that's the reason every guitar deserves a good setup. #SGFmusic #moMusic #Martin (An excerpt from The Sounding Board (V32, 1/2012), The Official Magazine of The Martin Guitar Company)
a ruler is on top of a piece of wood
How and when to adjust the truss rod on your electric guitar | SweetCare
How and when to adjust the truss rod on your electric guitar | SweetCare
an electric guitar with several knobs on it
Fine-Tuning Pickup Height and Other Passive Humbucker Adjustments
How to Fine-Tune the Adjustment of Passive Humbuckers
an assortment of tools are shown on the floor next to each other and labeled in blue arrows
Adjusting Stratocaster Pickup Height, Pt.1
Premier Guitar: Adjusting Stratocaster Pickup Height, Pt. 1
a person holding a ruler in their left hand and an electric guitar in the background
How to Set Pickup Height on a Les Paul | Guitar Setup
How to Set Pickup Height on a Les Paul
two hands are playing an electric guitar
Gibson Les Paul: Electric Guitar Setup : How to Set Pickup Height on a Les Paul Guitar: Pt 1
Learn how to set the guitar pickup height when setting up a Les Paul electric guitar in this free video tutorial on guitar set up. Expert: The Ferrett Bio: T...
an electric guitar sitting on top of a table
shielding a guitar
an article in the guitar magazine shows how to tune your pickups and how to use them
Photo Storage
pickup adjustment height
Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Guitar Setup
a man working on a guitar in a shop with an advertisement about the company's guitars
How the Late Rock God Eddie Van Halen Hacked His Guitar
How Eddie Van Halen Hacks a Guitar