Amigurumi Sheep - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial

A Sheep Named Ashley—No, Charlie—Wait, Yes, Ashley. (Maybe Matilda)

Apostila fazendinha By Erica Catarina Blog Ei, menina Encontrado em Amigas do feltro Blog passoal de keinia Araujo

Apostila fazendinha By Erica Catarina Blog Ei, menina

cute sheep!!

Made from t-shirts Floral Print Jeans DIY - 13 Fun DIY Fashion Projects cute sheep! by bettye

felt sheep

Projeto 3 em 1:ovelha, pinguim e coruja


ANIMALS::: wool tutorial sheep of the era were smaller, though breedstock…

Needle felted/felted sheep wreath

Omg I have to make this Felted sheep wreath. I love this - good way to use up several bins of my natural colored wool.

Crazy Quilt Felt Heart Ornament by BananaBugAndZod on Etsy

Crazy Quilt Felt Heart sheep nativity christmas rustic tree decoration Ornament by BananaBugAndZod on Etsy ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Вязание и рукоделие

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A flock of sheep and other barnyard animals would be a fun addition to paying relief! In addition to creating them yourself, look for them at good will or resale shops, and garage sales!

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