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Siya Juice Packaging Development by Backbone Branding -

Food infographic Siya Infographic Description Siya Juice Packaging Development by Backbone Branding - - Infographic Source -

金蔵 / 酒蔵のビールを1つの漢字で表現

Packaging designs for Japanese craft beer produced in a sake brewery, completed as part of a project to support the Seki

パッケージ/プロダクトデザインvol.25 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザインをご紹介

パッケージ/プロダクトデザインvol.25 参考になる優れたパッケージ/プロダクトデザインをご紹介

Shucked: a book about one woman's turn with oyster farming.  I like this; it's a little light and fluffy and I would have liked more factual information about the oyster breeding and growing process, but it was  a fun read none the less… and I'll appreciate my oyster eating a little more now

Rapid City Public Libraries -- Shucked : life on a New England oyster farm / Erin Byers Murray.




This Dude Carves the Most Gorgeous Spoons You’ll Ever See

daily spoon by stian korntved ruud

Daily Spoon By Stian Korntved Ruud @ Lushlee