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The amount of emotion that crosses Sasuke's face is ground breakingly satisfying because of how far Naruto went just to save his best friend. It's about time he understood pain wasn't a weakness but a vital part of Naruto's strength.


uuugggggghhhh and he did just that yo save hinata and naruto as well, miss him.p neji. Hyuuga Neji and Hyuuga Hinata


Neji has never looked so good. He was a jerk at the beginning but I loved him all the time I was just annoyed at his being a jerk

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Akira ya bizamanlar anne diyodu Kaneki chj vhjhkj

Akira ya bizamanlar anne diyodu Kaneki chj vhjhkj


Boy: hey wanna go on a date with me Me: *sees flashbacks of Tokyo Ghoul EP Me: no


Juuzou Suzuya is clueless what Akira Mado said in her research information she gather at the meeting. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 81 Page