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Love these new poufs! The prints are so lovely for a playroom #nursery #kidsroom #playroom

Teepees or tipis provide fun imaginative play for babies and kids of all ages. Find our latest inspirations for nursery + kids room decor.

Having fun counting and learning addition using a bingo dabber.

She is already doing very basic addition and this activity will only help her out :-D need to get paper and a bingo dabber! Having fun learning addition and counting on using a bingo dabber and butcher paper!

pipe cleaner and beads to practice counting and fine motor skills. Mrs. Kelly's Kindergarten: Back to School- My Pinterest Inspiration

String beads on pipe cleaners to teach numbers. String beads on pipe cleaners to teach numbers. I keep forgetting super easy at ideas like this where learning fun can be had anywhere even a hospital

Math Journal

Keeping a math journal in kindergarten, first, and second grade. Tips for using a math journal during your math block.

Ankara, Ankara konumunda Oya Akın Yıldız Koleji

Ankara, Ankara konumunda Oya A

Awesome idea!!!!!!

Make cute and easy up-cycled DIY mood lighting from old cans! Great craft inspiration for summer parties and BBQs! After poking holes in the cans, paint them to match patio furniture! Save those tin cans!