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No matter what, in life, we need direction. By direction we could mean metaphorically being guided through certain situations or literally needing to know what physical direction to move towards.

Tim Burton has created the ideas for some amazing movies

Tim Burton has created the ideas for some amazing movies (Top: Nightmare Before Christmas Left: Coraline Middle: Corpse Bride Right: Paranorman)


Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Idea "The pain behind that smile"

Boa noite e bons sonhos!

In this image it would be hard to tell where it is taken from without the reflection of the street light. The image overall has a yellow tone from it from the street light. The puddle gives a good reflection of the light post

Observamos a realidade com nossas lentes pessoais, carregadas com nos história, nossos desejos, gostos e aversões!

Oh, I LOVE how the photographer captured these colors! Almost looks like an oil painting from far away. Rain on the window pane, looking out of the hospital or a car. It doesn't matter the rain was one thing that calmed all the patients.

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Steam locomotive railroad train tracks smoke headlight, Cumberland, West Virginia - by Matthew Malkiewicz on Fivehundredpx

I wouldn't even consider this, but it is a very creative Tattoo.

Her tatts are bad something il get on my hand. Me and jae LOVE these hand tatts!

Lindo! Fibonacci espiral ... é a vida eterna, para o infinito nunca pára para ninguém!

spiral is the life everlasting, infinity for it never stops