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30 glowing seesaws produce music when you swing back and forth

Impulse is a new public art installation comprised of 30 completely illuminated seesaws and a series of video-projections on nearby building facades. When the seesaws are used they “activate” and begin to emit tones resulting in various musical harmonies.

creative solutions (and advertising opportunity) for public space to make life more comfortable. Nice way to engage!

It's interesting to see advertising helping people in every day situations. IBM has been killing it with their designs lately! IBM Turns Its Ads Into Useful Urban Furniture:

Pedro e Ines Footbridge, Coimbra, Portugal/Designed by Cecil Balmond

Pedro e Ines Footbridge, Coimbra, Portugal With its lightning-bolt shape, the Pedro e Ines footbridge in Coimbra appears to stop in midair. The was designed by Balmond Studio