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chapter 7 - Anatomy 2111 with Gubar at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey - StudyBlue

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You can tell you if you are looking at the posterior or anterior aspect of the tibia by noticing which side the fibula is on as well if the tibial tuberosity and anterior border are visible.

Free Bones of the Skull Printable Flash Cards

I recently got asked about the bones of the skull flash cards I was using with Damien (age last week. I printed these ages ago (when my oldest was a toddler) but I dug up the pdf file and here t…

corpus of the sternum - Google Search

Sternum - [ster´num] a plate of bone forming the middle of the anterior wall of the thorax and articulating with the clavicles and thecartilages of the first seven ribs. It consists of three parts, the manubrium, the body, and the xiphoid process.