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    Learning Goals - Rubrics

    Learning Goals - Rubrics

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    Your lesson was beautifully prepared and taught. The big question is: Did students get it? A quick way to check for understanding at the end of a lesson is to use an exit slip (sometimes called an exit ticket).

    How to (Quickly) Use Exit Slips

    Very interesting exit slips (free download)

    Exit Slips

    Marzano's 9 Effective Instructional Strategies

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    Student-Led Self Assessment: Marzano Levels of Understanding

    Formative Assessment Exit Slips - NOW FULLY EDITABLE! Use these 20 Exit Slips to assess understanding or reading comprehension in any class. ($)

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    Here are some ways to ask questions early to assess understanding.

    Did my students learn anything?

    FREE DOWNLOAD How To Use: 1. As a formative assessment to see if students understood a concept. 2. As a way for students to ask questions about something they didn't understand (which I can address or "tweet back" the next day) 3. As a way for students to tell the teacher something they found interesting.

    TWEETS ABOUT TODAY'S LESSON: A Fun Exit Pass To Check Student Understanding

    This would be great to create after teaching the lesson in the curriculum the first week of school.

    Mrs. Rios Teaches

    This is an activity I use at the end of the day. It is similar to a student work log. I usually encourage students to base this on essential questi...

    Today You Can Write Your Own Ticket!

    TCE Computer Lab: Computer Lab Rubrics!

    TCE Computer Lab: Computer Lab Rubrics!

    Computer Lab Rubric - PS 212 School of CyberScience and Literacy

    Computer Lab Rubric

    Literacy Center Rubric - - maybe for Work on Writing

    Literacy Center Rubric

    Moving from Web 2.0 to Mobile 1:1 tools info graphic - alternative ways for students to demonstrate their learning. #edtech #elearning

    Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps [Infographic]

    Why Teachers should use rubrics [Infographic]

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    Education to the Core: Know Your Students: Five Ways to Check for Understanding in Your Classroom

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    Through alternative formative assessment, teachers can check for student understanding without falling back on the tedious or intimidating pop quiz.

    Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding

    5 Tips for Writing Marzano Scales - Mrs. L's Leveled Learning:

    5 Tips for Writing Marzano Scales - Mrs. L's Leveled Learning

    Fun in First Grade: Parent Teacher Conference Time and Must Have FREEBIES

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    Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Teacher Evaluation & Observation Tips: Bright Ideas

    LOVE THESE! Technology exit slips- great for ANY grade!

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    ExitTicket helps accelerate student achievement

    A Free Student Response System for Teachers

    Grit- Giving students opportunities to struggle in the classroom is important to teach perseverance and to cultivate their grit.

    GRIT: What is it? | Tales from Outside the Classroom: GRIT: What is it?

    ExitTicket is a classroom and student response system

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    4 Ways of Presenting Learning Objectives in Online courses - An Infographic #elearning

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    7 Creative Apps That Allow Students To Show What They Know

    7 Creative Apps That Allow Students To Show What They Know