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Heroe's Blood - Part 6

Heroes' Blood by hasuyawn on DeviantArt

Heroes' Blood p04 by hasuyawn

Heroes' Blood by hasuyawn <<<<< this seriously breaks my heart

Les anges, sont justes des démons avec des ailes blanches. Les humains sont les seules qui ont décidé lesquels étaient mauvais et lesquels étaient bons.

Angels, demons, who said one was bad? This is my own quote please do not change, take or claim credit for it, thank you.>>well your quote is amazing! and so true

Custom outfit commission 48 by on @DeviantArt

Custom outfit commission 48 by Epic-Soldier

Outfit adoptable 63 (OPEN!!) by on @DeviantArt

The last outfit that I was supposed to have release way ago,ups,hope you like it ^^ ♥♥♥Love you epic people♥♥♥ .