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Happiness is transient and only lasts a certain amount of time. The moments of happiness should be cherished and acknowledged because they can be rare moments at times! Great quote though!

Julian # One Tree Hill I remember watching this episode; Maybe we are all over thinking.

whats best for you life quotes quotes quote life quote

I need to remember this! I always think of others first. Not a bad thing but sometimes it needs to what's best for me.


Sometimes I think I'm crazy because I see things differently than everyone else. -The Home of picture quotes


ā€ Iā€™m Stronger Because Of My Hard Times, Wiser Because Of My Mistakes, And Happier Because Of My Sad Experiences ā€

dead is like stupid

"When you are dead, you don't know that you're dead. It is difficult only for the others.It is the same when You are Stupid. You Know Who You Are!

The most memorable moments in life are the ones we never took the time to plan.

Most memorable moments in life are the ones we never took time to plan. So true. We always have more fun when we are spontaneous.