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Erden Temurlenk
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Vintage Blakely Arizona Cactus Glass Tumblers, 1950s. Used these as a little girl and my mother finally gave me her set!!! Happy, happy.

Vintage Blakely Arizona Cactus Glass Tumblers, Every home had a set. They were frosty glass and way cool. They had their own wooden carrier.

The beautiful Masseria Cimino - the venue for our Caravan Travel Photography Workshop

Prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) leaves (cladodes) hang as decoration in total-white main room, Masseria Cimino, Puglia, Italy

Cracking up over "CACTUSH" -- "Prickly Pair Chairs by Valentina Glez Wohlers is a furniture project born out of the creative experience of a Mexican designer in Europe. The Nopal cactus symbolizes Mexican heritage and national pride. According to legend, the Gods told the Aztecs to build Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) in the place they saw an eagle standing on a Nopal, devouring a snake. To this day, the image resides on the Mexico’s Cote[sic] of Arms." -- More prickles at the click-through.

Mexican designer Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers has cleverly and humorously transformed the classic French Louis XV oval chair into the shape of a Nopal cactus.// this was at our jungle house in tulum