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For when you're out of an ingredient...
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17 Kitchen Cheat Sheets You Should Know About

17 Useful Cheat Sheets Everyone Should Keep In Their Kitchen

Random fact - but I'm not so sure I beeline this. Either that or I buy a lot of Friday bread

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Well. Glad I've got a name for it, finally. "Everyone's a self serving, lying, gobbet of festering rat vomitus" is SUCH a mouthful

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21 Pictures You'll Only Understand If You're Introverted

Dosen sind gegen Dich, und zwar noch mehr als Du jemals gedacht hättest. | 29 Beweise, dass die ganze Welt gegen Dich ist

21 Photos Extroverts Will Never Understand

Life hacks. 001, 038, 041, and 046 piss me off, they're not life hacks they're "how to be a scumbag"

Gf hmm