Dubai Canal opening tonight, 9th November 2016 ~ ღ Skuwandi

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Dubai Canal opening tonight, November 2016 ~ ღ Skuwandi

Top 5 Best Places in Dubai to Eat & Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Dubai offers abundantly ways to welcome Here we listed top 5 best places in Dubai to eat and celebrate New Year 2017 Eve with luxury and VIP treatment

Burj Khalifa Inside and At the Top Images.... Awesome Views

Burj Dubai City Residential Projects - Dubai City Properties Investment By Sophia K. likewise called Dubai Tower) is believed to be the tallest high-rise of the world once it is ended up.

Dubai New Year 2014 Fireworks Display Pics (World Record for Largest Fireworks Display ever)

Dubai New Year 2014 Fireworks Display Pics (World Record for Largest Fireworks Display ever)

World’s Largest Underwater Hotel

Another innovation came to Dubai. This time Deep Ocean Technology designed Water Discus Hotel that will be constructed in Dubai shortly. "Water Discus Hotels comprise two discs -

Top 20 Highest Paid Jobs in Dubai

Dubai has become a dream destination for professional expats. People come to Dubai due to luxuries life. Here is listed top 20 highest paid jobs in Dubai

In Dubai real estate sector many companies staying on lookout for talented architect.

Dubai is still remains favorite destination for the budget travelers. Here we are listing things to do in Dubai where you still can have the dream holiday

5 major incidents of fire breakout in Dubai happened in recent years. Including The Address Hotel fire, Lamborghini on fire, Ravi Restaurant, Atlantis Dubai

Dubai proposes car ownership ban for the poor to ease traffic congestions - Luxurylaunches

Restaurants in Dubai

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