Miss Harley Quinn by ~Remus1612 on deviantART.

Harley Quinn (Batman), costume & model by the awesome Photo & Editing by me I have the permission of the model to use this photo Miss Harley Quinn

Female Joker.

Female Joker - could do something to adapt this towards a Harley Quinn? As if the Joker died and she did her best to honor him, but still keeping some Red/Black for Harley's original costume.

Totoro Dress  Inspired by My Neighbour Totoro Designed and Cosplayed by Dustbunny Photographed by A.C.V External  Source: Neatorama

Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro Cosplay - This dress has the best shape to it and the wig makes it so much better. I love how the netting has soot sprites in it.

Paladin, WoW, Cosplay.

Here are two World of Warcraft Paladin cosplays. "The paladin is a hybrid class with the ability to play a variety of different roles — includinghealing (h

Steampunk Iron Man!

Steampunk Iron Man, the Marvel Costume Contest Winner at New York Comic Con 2010 - looking at a small pic of this, I didn't immediately realize it wasn't a still from the film. Had to show my husband - the comic geek in this house.