Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade

I forgot all about these

Kissing Potion lip gloss by Maybeline was the lipstick of choice for us grade girls at Stilwell Middle School! I had it in cherry and bubblegum flavors.

so remember these!

Vintage Metal Ice Cube Tray

Metal ice cube trays that you'd lift the handle in the middle to release cubes. God help you if your hands were damp! They'd stick to the tray!

Vintage cosmetics

Village lip balm :: I remember using mine in a head shop one time, and someone thought it was a little tin of cocaine! Saw me as rubbing it on my gums rather than my lips -- and asked for some.

travel clocks with glowing arms (the clock collapsed into the case).

Travel Wind Up Alarm Clock

Fashion Fun ...

Venus Exquisite Pretty Peasant Bohemian/Gypsy off Shoulder Blouse

roses on neckline -Venus Exquisite Pretty Peasant Bohemian/Gypsy Blouse by RagsForGypsies,