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amazing yarn bombed tree spotted in Beijing, China

We tell kids that the sky’s the limit when it comes to exploring the world’s possibilities, but we tend to forget to embrace that wisdom in our own lives, as we get bogged down in the day-to-day responsibilities of adulthood. Photographer Aaron Sheldon has revived a starry-eyed, childlike curiosity for our most menial errands and activities, thanks to his four-year-old son, who models as a tiny astronaut in their collaborative photo series called Small Steps Are Giant Leaps. Sheldon explains...

First Prize - Alice In Wonderland by on @DeviantArt

alice in wonderland art - alice and dorothy

alice in wonderland art - 6 impossible things

Wonderful Illustration of Alice in Wonderland

Wonderful Illustration of Alice in Wonderland

George Leontiev Balabanov - house of humor and satire - Bulgaria

Personalized Leather Bookmark

Unsigned French Art Nouveau comb, painted horn. c. 1900. The Creative Museum


Maple seed earrings by Patrick Irla - 328 $

БОХО. | Одежда в стиле БОХО | Постила

Louis Aucoc (1850-1932) - Art Nouveau Fan-Shaped Leaves Hair Comb. Plique-à-jour Enamel with small Rose-Cut Diamonds in the Veins. Circa 1900.

Louis Aucoc (Paris, 1850 - Paris, 1932) | Art Nouveau floral cyclamen comb. Gold, plique-à-jour and basse-taille enamel, mother-of-pearl, horn and rose cut diamonds - circa 1900.

ELLA NAPER (1886-1972) Lily-pad hair combs. Horn Moonstone H: 9 cm (3.54 in) W: 6.8 cm (2.68 in) British, c.1906 Fitted Case Green-tinted horn, with moonstone dewdrops Literature: cf. Arts & Crafts in Newlyn 1890-1930, Hazel Berriman, 1986, page 33-34. Art Nouveau Jewelry, Vivienne Becker, 1985, plate 255 & page 226 The Comb, Its History and Development Jen Cruse, 2007, illustrated p.36

LOUISE-LAURE BEAUFEREY Art Nouveau. French, c.1910