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#WSAW Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D., Clinical Director and Founder of Healthy Within treatment program in San Diego and Past President and Founder of Healthy Within Foundation, California, has been treating eating disorders since 1985. In addition to her Doctoral Degree, Dr. Kakaiya received a Post Doctoral M.Sc in Psychopharmacology in May 2011. This is in hopes of becoming a Medical Psychologist.

#WSAW Marilee Fritsch is a senior at Penn State University studying nutritional sciences. She is a former eating disorder patient and her goal is to help others through the struggles she faced after she obtains her credentials as a Registered Dietitian.

#WSAW Shelby Santin and Alex Raymond are Senior Dietetics majors at the University of Maryland. They are interns at a nutrition private practice in Maryland called Rebecca Bitzer and Associates and have a weekly blog series called "From College Girl to College Girl" that covers topics related to positive body image.

#WSAW Sarah Eaton is a young book editor who lives just outside of Portland, Oregon. She goes to school part time studying for a degree in business. She is passionate about the arts, particularly literary arts, and has received national recognition for some of her writing. Because of her personal experiences with the topic, she is also interested in women's health and wellness and would love to become an advocate for any number of wellness organizations using her ...

#WSAW Sunny Haas is a woman of many talents, none of which earn her a red cent, but tons of well-deserved praise. When she’s not catering culinary feasts for her husband’s office mates (in hopes of getting them to someday pay for it), Sunny is working on her first book. Hers is poignant and often uproarious expose’ of a cute-ish, chubby girl in a “thin is in or you’re out” world. Sunny currently resides in Central Florida with the love her of life...

#WSAW Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSSD, LDN is a master’s level, registered dietitian working in the field of disordered eating. She owns Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC, a nutrition therapy practice in Memphis, TN. As an expert speaker, she uses humor and personal experience to educate consumers and professionals alike on treating compulsive dieting and food issues with an “Eat Real Food” approach. When she’s not tweeting as @NutritionLeslie, you can find more on her blog Born to Eat®

#WSAW Suzanne Dooley-Hash, MD, is on staff at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan, and is the Medical Director at the Center for Eating Disorders. She serves as Chair on the BEDA Scientific Advisory Board.

#WSAW Michaela Ballmann, MS RD CLT is enthusiastic about guilt-free eating, whole person care, and nourishing food. Her main interest is in getting people to love food, their bodies, and themselves. You can read more about Michaela's work at her website: http://www.wholify.com

#WSAW Maggie is an amazing ninja goddess and cat-lover. Her passions include all types of social justice, including but not limited to LGBT issues, animal rights, sex positivity, labor rights, feminism, and body acceptance.

#WSAW Liza Casella is a homeschooled 10th grader living in Iowa. She enjoys music, physics, and writing, and she plans to move to New York someday.

#WSAW Leanne Curran has a private practice in rural Wales, UK called Therapeutic Space. She offers support using a psycho-educational approach to addressing disordered eating. For more information about Leanne and her progams, please visit her website http://disorderedeatingsupport.com/

#WSAW Jo Ann is a mother, wife, writer and Licensed Professional Counselor. Her own journey with binge eating, chronic dieting and poor body image led her to seek out therapeutic resources for personal awareness and awakening. Her ultimate joy is using these skills to help her clients uncover the person they were always meant to be.

#WSAW Jill Andrew is founder/director of BITE ME! Toronto Int'l Body Image Film & Arts Festival and co-founder of the fatshion/plus fashion blog http://www.fatinthecity.com/. This is one of many Body Equity Checklists Jill is currently creating. Others include workplace, public transit, schools and shopping spaces.

#WSAW Dr. Deah Schwartz, Educator and Clinician with a private practice in Oakland CA, uses Expressive Arts Therapies to treat E.D’s and Body Image issues. Deah is the co-author of Leftovers, DVD/Workbook Set; a resource for E.D.’s, facilitates the Health for Every Body (HFEB) Workplace Wellness Program and just finished a new book on cultivating a positive body image. www.drdeah.com website dr_deah Twitter https://www.facebook.com/Leftoverstogo Facebook

#WSAW Dayle Hayes is an award-winning author and educator, dedicated to making school environments healthy for students and staff. She co-authored the Position of the American Dietetic Association: Nutrition Guidance for Healthy Children Ages 2 to 11 Years. Dayle has advocated Health At Every Size® principles and she is actively involved in efforts to reduce weight-stigma and weight-related bullying in K-12 education.

#WSAW Ashley Solomon, Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist who treats individuals with eating disorders, body image issues, relationship struggles, and other mental health concerns. She delves into these topics and more on her website, Nourishing the Soul. She's also an avid reader, a mediocre runner, an aspiring yogi, and a lover of dark chocolate. Connect with her via @Ashley Solomon or on Facebook at Nourishing the Soul.

#WSAW Bethany Winkel is the mother of two adolescents and two younger children. She is a writer for the Castlewood Treatment Center blog and hopes to help educate parents about the problems teens face in today's world.