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WINNER: Sleep Number Holiday Haven Contest

WINNER: Sleep Number Holiday Haven Contest

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My dream holiday haven would feature various products from #SleepNumber like the AirFit Adjustable pillows and different kind of "ocean view." After waking up on the right side of the bed, I would check out the marine life below, before jumping up in for a swim! Some people count sheep in their sleep. I like to count sharks! #contest

Who wouldn't love these #SleepNumber Heated, Hypoallergenic & Down Comforters? My shark dives require me to wake up early and be alert, so these would help me get a great night sleep! For most, sharks only show up in nightmares, but they often appear in my most vivid dreams! Ironically, sharks must keep moving and generally don't sleep. Well, I love them, but I'm no shark in that regard and need some downtime! #contest

For years, I slept on a small bed, years after my college years. I finally upgraded to queen bed recently so I need to finally create the #SleepNumber Sleep Haven that I deserve. If I win this #contest, that is my gift to myself!

This is a photo from my first shark dive. The only time I take my breathing regulator out is if I need to personalize my #SleepNumber AirFit Adjustable pillows! #contest

I think this would be a great addition to my Holiday Haven, an aquarium bed! After losing my mom to cancer, I started a charity specializing in shark dives and marine encounters for cancer survivors. We help survivors dream in color, mostly blue, as I like to say! This would be a great view looking up from my #SleepNumber AirFit Adjustable pillows! #contest

These #SleepNumber Warming Blankets remind me of sleeping at my grandma's house as a kid. She always had warming blankets to keep us safe and snug during those cold nights. Hope I win this #Contest so I can create my perfect Sleep Number Holiday Bedroom Haven!

Great to see #SleepNumber innovate on a product that we use every days yet hasn't been improved effectively over the years. This #contest gives me the opportunity to test out the AirFit™ Adjustable Pillow which offers both the support and comfort of air with the personalization of adjustability. I dare someone to try to steal this pillow, and, if I ever get sent to the couch, this pillow is going with me!

I definitely need a full ensemble of sheets, blankets, and pillows from #SleepNumber. I'm moving to start the new year so it winning this #contest would taking housewarming to a whole new level!

I definitely need one of these #SleepNumber Dream Throws. I help people with bucket lists in my job, and this is own my wish list for the holidays. I'm getting sleepy just imagining what it would be like to be wrapped up in one of these! #contest

The is my entry board for the #SleepNumber Holiday Haven #contest. I run a shark-diving charity for cancer survivors under the tagline, "We dream in color, mostly blue," so I definitely need a good night's sleep to help others with their dreams!