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offers smart delivery and return shipping solutions along with a number of additional added-value services to facilitate cross-border E-Commerce.

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China's Herculean E-commerce Market - Almost 25% of Chinese poeple buy online when in the bathroom and more than do not sleep late at night to shop online.

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B2C Europe training for Dam tot Damloop 2014

21.06.2014 - B2C Europe (Netherlands) sponsored and participated the first Co Cycling Tour. A fantastic day with enthusiastic participants and volunteers !

B2C Europe Customer Day held on 2014, June the 6th at B2C Europe Netherlands, Weesp.

Colleagues from B2C Europe’s USA office and China office visited the LA Fashion Digital conference in Los Angeles. 07.05.2014

The B2C Europe team in China celebrated a milestone with the opening of its warehouse in Guangzhou. 19.05.2014

Rick Kirk, Sales Director B2C Europe (UK) Ltd, presenting how B2C Europe can give British online retailers access to all B2C Europe’s distribution options for shipping parcels to international destinations.