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Make it So!

Make it So!

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ANTI-DOG FIGHTING CAMPAIGN -- ADFC Save The Victims | Teespring

ADFC Save The Victims

Rescue ~ Adopt, DON'T shop!!! It is too late for me, but there are so many more.

Why I'm against breed-specific dog laws - as told by Dr. Marty Becker - #endbsl

Why I'm against breed-specific dog laws - Dr. Marty Becker

Learn more about Pin a Meal. Give a Meal. and Feeding America® at

New Year's

Good words... ♥

Fight BSL

END BSL - breed specific legislation

Proposed Pit bull ban dismissed in Arkansas town

Pinned Image DO NOT SHOP--ADOPT PLEASE!! Gator is a year old American Bulldog Pittie Mix who gets along with other dogs, kids and everyone he meets. Gator is a friendly and lovable boy who is always happy (except when he's in the pool). If you are interested in giving Gator a home for the rest of his life, no matter what happens in yours, please go to www.impawsableres... and complete an online application.

MAKE IT A FELONY. MAKE OFFENDERS DO HARD TIME. MAKE THE REPREHENSIBLE CRUELTY STOP !!!! Rogers County dog is dragged to death; leaves 9 puppies

Mary Lou: Terrier, Dog; Bryan, TX

ADOPT, DON'T SHOP! BE A HERO, OPEN YOUR HEART, OPEN YOUR HOME, SAVE A LIFE !! I Want To Live! If you can't adopt, please consider fostering!

12 Reasons to Oppose Breed-Discriminatory Legislation - A comprehensive look at why discriminatory dog laws are not the answer

REPORT DOG FIGHTING : 877-847-4787

Be fearless

I deserve to live here without persecution!!!!!! It's my world too!*

Animal Rescue!

They say cause I'm a pitbull no family would adopt me; They were WRONG ! =)

FOSTER, ADOPT, -- Never Give Up - Whether it’s kittens or pit bulls, this foster mother urges people to continue saving lives through fostering

Mind Over Misconceptions - A black belt in martial arts who loves pit bulls talks about his first-hand experiences with stereotyping.

Lessons From Buddha - Adopting a pit bull opens the author’s eyes to stereotyping and special responsibilities

Just DO it, already!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sponsor, Foster, Adopt - DON'T BREED. SPAY AND NEUTER. MAKE IT AFFORDABLE,FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do it