Baan Ukulele Hawaii

Baan Ukulele Hawaii

Bangkok Thailand  ·  The Baan Ukulele is home of those who are passionate about Ukulele, such small 4-string guitars originated from a small group of islands located in the middle o
Baan Ukulele Hawaii
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Elvis Costello and uke.

Elvis Costello has announced ten new “SOLO” tour dates in the mid-west and mid-south U.A beginning June the first time since 1999 (when touring with keyboardist Steve Nieve) that he’s headlined the area with such a stripped down setup.

May your Christmas be joyful.May your New Year be hopeful.May you receive all your heart’s desires.

David Iriguchi Bass Ukulele. #music #instruments #ukulele

lardyfatboy: “ Lardy’s Ukulele of the day - a year ago David Iriguchi Bass Ukulele ” ==Lardy’s Ukulele of the day - 2 years ago Another one you saw here first