Fashion Babies

Fashion Babies

Glamsterdam / Fashion Babies Phoebe and Isa live in a magical place called "Glamsterdam" where they enjoy unlimited naps and love to have adventures with their best friend, B
Fashion Babies
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Baby Chihuahua , originally uploaded by ~*JoJo*~ . Dear baby Chihuahua, I love you.

Tiny puppy!

Last night I told him how I want a teacup puppy! Either a yorkie or a maltipoo. He wants a regular sized dog cuz he thinks these tiny ones look like rats…. But the tiny ones are so cute!

Antoni Anatol Weclaswki - "Golden Streams", Warsaw, 1928-1937

Antoni Anatol Weclaswki - "Golden Streams", Warsaw, Sun streams hypnotized me as a young child.

Fernando Lemos - Luz Teimosa, 1949

We are all flawed.we all have cracks but that's alright. Cracks are there to let in the light.

Vintage Arrows for home decor and wall decoration - 5 arrows.

Vintage Arrows Set by GallivantingGirls good office idea or bad idea because of the kids.


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Amelie, the white tornado of fun, and Esme, the Chihuahua in charge of everything, even when she's asleep!

The grass is always greener under Esmé's paws.