So my wife told me not to mess with my son's photos. Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 88 Pics


2T-4T brown fuzzy owl hat with earflaps

Kids can be a handful sometimes, but more often than not, they just end up crying for the strangest reasons, and these pictures prove it.

hahaha Robert Downey Jr looks upset the kid doesn't know how awesome he is- Bill Murray tweaking wins this

Funny reasons showing why some kids are crying.

Funny pictures about This Is Why My Son Is Crying. Oh, and cool pics about This Is Why My Son Is Crying. Also, This Is Why My Son Is Crying photos.

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Anne Geddes Why?  She was the pioneer of high profile infant photography

Bumblebees Greeting Card by Anne Geddes I have this pic for son Looks like him as baby.

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Have always loved Anne Geddes work! She's such an inspiration since she had no formal training!