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Time to Laugh

Good Clean Fun

Time to Laugh

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"No Touching the Dog" - So Funny !

"Son, We Need to Talk ......"

After a Whole Night on Pinterest :)

Kittens — Cute Overload

"You Forgot to Floss AGAIN !"

"Hey - That Was MY Fish !"

To Catch Fish - Drink All The Water :)

me go fishin' - Pixdaus

I Can Has Cheezburger ?

"How 'Bout This - I Give You a Nice Strawberry and You Don't Eat Me" -K?

Magical Nature Tour — Photo by KBS :)

"I Am Not a FAT RABBIT !!!"I am a Herbivorous Viscacha. It's Cold So I'm PUFFY !

I Regret What I Said !! - Cute Cat

I think I might like this baby...

Cat Really Means it - DO NOT DISTURB

doodlelene's Muzy

"I'll Tell Ya What I Think -- Thhhhhhh"

Really COOL Cat !

Ninja Cat

"So - Do Ya Like My New Hat ?"

i know,iam cute

Funny Doggie

Tastefully Offensive on Tumblr, [via]

Panda Biker & His Son - So Funny !

"Me No Like Waller Melons" - "Yucky"

Pre-Flight Inspection - Non TSA :)


"Open Wide" - What a Good Lil' Pooch

Celebrity Men as Women - FUNNY !

Celebrity Men as Women

Those who have a cat will understand

Cat Napping - Comfy ANYWHERE !