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an image of some type of paper with red and black lines on it's sides
A Collection of Tips and Symptoms for Writing about Fainting
Three Things to Remember when Writing about Fainting – Write for the King
the text human remains recovery course forensic anthropy center texas state university
Human Remains Recovery Course
Human Remains Recovery Course : Forensic Anthropology Center : Texas State University
there is a hand that has been placed on top of a plate with the words, bleach, active decay, advanced decay and by remaining
"5 Stages of Decay Cookie" by Claire Ratcliffe fora Halloween event at Barts Pathology Museum ("Delicious Decay - The Edible Body Farm) (via remains2beseen on Instagram)
the text collection of free computer forensic tools on a blue background with an image of
Collection Of Free Computer Forensic Tools
Collection Of Free Computer Forensic Tools
the remains of an animal that was killed by another animal are shown in three separate images
The science of human decay: Inside the world's largest body farm
the human body is made up of different types of skeletal structures and features in each section
Medical website lets you virtually dissect dead bodies
Medical website lets you virtually dissect dead bodies
a man's profile with a magnifying glass in front of his face
MODERN FORENSIC SCIENCE GAME This site posts three cases from SH, and gives you the opportunity to use modern forensic science to sift through the clues, including the latest in fingerprinting techniques (see which ones are best and why) and DNA with simulated results that are quite educational and fun! From the Chemistry Dept at the University of Hull in Northern England.
an image of how blood stain pattern works in the diagram below, and above it are arrows pointing to different areas where blood flow
How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works
Stringing, Sine and Spatter Shapes - HowStuffWorks
a man laying on top of a blue tarp covered in yellow tape with the words who done it?
Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science for Kids
the poster for an upcoming movie is shown
Can You Read People's Emotions?
Can You Read People's Emotions? #Infographics —
a large poster with many different types of lines on it's sides and the words,
A complete guide to your inner serial killer! --- or for writing, but whatever.
a poster with some words on it
Why Do Some People Hurt People?
infographic, criminal thinking errors, CBT,
a man sitting at a computer with the caption if i just keep hitting the refresh button, know i'll get the email i want
Funny Reminders Memes & Ecards | Someecards
Wanna freak out your neighbors? Name your wifi 'FBI Surveillance Van 7.'
an info sheet with instructions on how to diaper
How To Detect A Lie Infographic
How To Detect A Lie Infographic by Lisa Woomer, via Behance