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The iPad apps in French that my children (ages 3 and 6) use most often, plus a few more better suited to older learners, plus recommendations from French friends, plus some I'm considering downloading. See my detailed reviews of some of these at
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Princesses Learn French: Like this company's "Je m'amuse en...", this app uses fairy tales and short games to introduce new words in the target language (French, Spanish, German, Chinese). This one is designed specifically for children who don't already speak French (or the target language).

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Lire avec Bidule -- a series of 40 leveled 8-page books for emergent readers in French; written by teachers, the books progressively introduce more complex language. Each page includes a cheerful full-color illustration. Each book also addresses a specific challenge for emergent readers, like the hard G/soft G difference, verb conjugation, etc. You can sample 3 books (1 from each level) for free, then purchase sets of 5 for $2.99 or the full app (40 books) for $22.99. I'm very…

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Les nouvelles histoires de Marlene Jobert (Editions Atlas): appears to be nonfiction (or at least informational/fact-based) original stories presented in the same manner as Marlene Jobert's Bientot Je Lis (story, song, synchronized cards, games, in-app purchases for additional stories); I'm interested in sharing these with Griffin because most of what we read in French is plot-and-character-based stories

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T'choupi joue avec les lettres: learn letters while doing activities with everyone's favorite little French penguin; several other T'choupi apps exist (English, colors); recommended by Audrey

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Mes mots a moi (Anuman): looks similar to the other spell-simple-words-by-dragging-and-dropping-letters apps that we already have (and that Griffin adores), but this might be worthwhile because it would bring some new words into the mix! It's not that I want him to learn to spell in French at four years old, but rather that he just enjoys playing games where he hears (and understands) French.

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T'choupi joue avec les couleurs (Nathan): learn colors by doing activities with the beloved penguin; recommended by Audrey

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Dozens of educational French apps with short descriptions, organized into categories such as dictionaries, museums, and books, collected by Catherine Ousselin

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J'aime lire: original stories from the popular magazine available for ages 3-5, 6-7, and 8-12; the first three are free (Delphine recommends)

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Marlene Jobert's Bientot Je Lis (Editions Atlas Jeunesse): beloved original stories narrated by a beloved storyteller; first one free, the others as in-app purchases; the app synthesizes the "flashcards" from each story into a glossary in alphabetical order and then offers simple games like Memory using the cards; a song comes with each story; Griffin and Delphine highly recommend.

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fairy tales and other classic stories in French by SO Chocolapps: recommended by Audrey and Delphine

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