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Gender reveal ideas

Gender reveal ideas

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16 fresh ideas for beautiful baby showers | #BabyCenterBlog

  • Tara Koniow Lawhorne
    Tara Koniow Lawhorne

    Gender reveal

  • clarisvel


Gorgeous #Genderreveal #cake

  • Chantelle Smith
    Chantelle Smith

    OMG I lovveeeee

Cute invitation to 2 #GenderReveal party

  • Kelley Goodson
    Kelley Goodson

    Love this

Announce the sex of your baby with balloons and confetti #genderreveal

  • ♥Natalie Ann ♥ Colin♥
    ♥Natalie Ann ♥ Colin♥

    Anna Leal i like this tooo

  • Anna Leal
    Anna Leal

    Oh yeah!!! Y'all should do this**

  • ♥Natalie Ann ♥ Colin♥
    ♥Natalie Ann ♥ Colin♥

    Yeah that's what I told's different

  • Anna Leal
    Anna Leal

    Yes it is Nathan-Natalie Colin Find someone with pretty hand writing too :)

  • ♥Natalie Ann ♥ Colin♥
    ♥Natalie Ann ♥ Colin♥

    I write pretty...i can do it... :)

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Red and Blue Gender Reveal Party Printables - Boy or Girl - such a fun way to share the news! #genderreveal

20 weeks. Glitter reveal. #Genderreveal. Baby bump. Baby belly. It's a girl. Pink. It's a pink one.

  • Sara Myers
    Sara Myers

    I love this idea!!!

  • Tiffany Johnson
    Tiffany Johnson

    so gorgeous

  • Darellyn Hughes
    Darellyn Hughes

    Yes Kayleeeeeeee I love this one!!

Paint fight gender reveals #BabyCenterBlog

  • Lori Achenbach
    Lori Achenbach

    Emily Jones : we should totally do this! Just kidding!! ;)

Paint fight gender reveals #BabyCenterBlog

  • Kathie Kennedy
    Kathie Kennedy

    I HOPE not! Wasn't smashing the cake in each other's face, at your reception enough!?!

Paint fight gender reveals #babycenterblog

New trend? Paint fight gender reveal @BabyCenter

  • Brianne Gallogly
    Brianne Gallogly

    nope...not safe

  • Shannon S
    Shannon S

    the non-toxic, voc free acrylic paint that i used in the nursery is not harmful for anything but clothes. that stuff stains. oil and lead based paints are unsafe. anyone wanting to do this will be fine as long as they can read the side of a paint can.

  • stacy neiswonger
    stacy neiswonger

    luckily you have a bunch of non medical people to judge you for a really cute idea that is perfectly safe :)

  • Brianne Gallogly
    Brianne Gallogly

    Actually i am a nurse so...i kind of know. Thanks for commenting though.

  • Kristy Spitman
    Kristy Spitman

    Ummm Body Paint??? Just a thought!

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Sick of pink and blue? Try a gold + black Gender Reveal Party

  • Floy Alexander
    Floy Alexander

    Love the 'who dat'...We're a SAINTS fan...sent this to my daughter in law and son for their reveal party coming soon..

  • Andrea Hollins
    Andrea Hollins

    I'm a Saints fan too! This was my idea but my beau disagreed.

  • Floy Alexander
    Floy Alexander

    WTG Andrea!! :)))

WOW - this is a gorgeous #genderreveal party!

  • Natalie Young
    Natalie Young

    Jamie Black ideas!!!!

  • Lely Arrazola
    Lely Arrazola

    Alicia Arrazola

Adorable Gender reveal cupcakes! #cupcakes #genderreveal

#Genderreveal cake pops

Thanksgiving cupcakes. Make cute Thanksgiving cupcakes, just make sure you fill them up with pink or blue in the middle. BabyCenter

Put the secret under a pie! – This is easy, just cut out some cardboard in pink or blue, place it under your pie after it’s baked and then cut! BabyCenter

  • Linda Hudick
    Linda Hudick

    Cute idea!

#Thanksgiving gender reveal cake. BabyCenter

Paint the bottom of a pumpkin or gourd pink or blue. Let your family know the secret is on the bottom of the pumpkin and see who grabs it first! BabyCenter

Hollow out a pumpkin or gourd and fill with pink or blue confetti or decorations. BabyCenter

  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez

    Brenda Ponce

Gender Reveal Announcement

very cool way to display pics at a #genderreveal party

sweet #genderreveal theme

  • Sarai Frost
    Sarai Frost

    Nathalie Lee- Have you thought of doing anything like this?