ould just be me being self centered. i get it that im not the pretty one, the

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I didn't know so much went into their crowns and I love it. More

Chronicles of Narnia symbolism on 4 crowns cupboard is bigger on the inside.

excuse the language, listen to the message

excuse the language, listen to the message, kids are inexperienced and fragile

Suck my non-existent penis as I wiggle my finger through my zipper.

this has been me for the past like month and i'm beginning to find hope that maybe my life is just goin great but then i get mad at myself because i'm not that licky

So hilarious, yet so mean.

17 Photos That Prove Kids Are Just Tiny Jerks

I did this and my dad read it, took my phone, and then pocketed it.