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"All That is Seen and Unseen".. This isn't a charity, but a book on a journey through first trimester miscarriage, where the pain and grief women experience from their loss is often overlooked. Author, Elizabeth Petrucelli's memoir will help women find peace, comfort & break the silence. It is never easy & if you know of a loved one suffering, pls pass on..

All That is Seen and Unseen

World Vision: Sponsor a child today... As a child sponsor, the difference you'll make means more than you think. You'll help to create lasting change in children's lives by transforming the world where they live. By helping to meet basic needs for things like clean water, healthcare, education, improved farming and income opportunities, you'll help to break the poverty cycle. And you'll give your sponsored child and other children in the area the chance to reach their full potential.

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Global Parents have helped UNICEF: - Immunise 36 per cent of the world’s children against diseases such as polio and measles - Respond to over 250 emergencies on average every year, providing children with food, water and continued access to education - Distributed 25 million mosquito nets to protect children from malaria in 36 countries - Distributed 159,000 classroom kits for primary education

Charity Donations & Gifts for Children

Bristish Association for Babies Invetro that are Sick, helping premature babies all over the world. There are baby charities for premature ,sick, low birth weight babies and babies less fortunate and in need.

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