Portait wordles. Great activity for school

YW- activity- Website where students can upload photos of themselves and fill it with words about themselves and their interests! Upload picture of book character for trait activity?

exercise caution.

Be careful with your words. Once said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.This is so very true.my wish is that all my "peeps" are careful and remember this

Fun/Easy Sub activity

Our Teacher is Missing Writing Activity

Title: Our Teacher is Missing Writing Idea Grade Level: - This writing prompt printable is great to leave when a teacher will not be present in the class for the day. Great way to keep the students on task for the substitute teacher.

Why Read?

Great for meet the teacher night! Why Read 20 Minutes? All parents need to read this. Really like the pictograph for visualization.

This is so very true....

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.So very true. Don't break a child growing up. They will become broken men, irreparable

Pixar rules for writing- This might be a nice poster in my classroom!!

Writing Related on

Pixar's 22 rules of Storytelling-- This is a cool list of story telling rules. You would think the wonderful writer's from Pixar would know a trick or two about how to write an entertaining story.


I recently started living my life by this motto, and it's made it so much more enjoyable & worth while.Living in the moment*


Hahaha good quote for teachers: "Sometimes I transform into Dora the Explorer. I ask a question, stare and blink into silence, then answer my own question.


Books are a man's best friends

Inspiring image books, cs lewis, quote, read, text - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

I love these attention getters!! Fun and effective!

I've used toddler call/response that use motions to get their attention. They work. Though, I would absolutely never ever use the McDonald's call/response.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Our Growth Mindset Class-Created Anchor Chart. Turning negative thoughts into positive, growth-producing ones!

Our Growth Mindset Class-Created Anchor Chart

5 Parenting Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset - Imagination Soup Great discussion points for helping kids develop a growth mindset and a positive self image

Writing hamburger.  This one actually has enough room to write for a 5th grader!

This pin is an activity to help students learn how to write a proper essay. Students would enjoy doing this because it is a creative way to teach essay writing and will be easy for them to remember.