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Harsha Ramchandani

Harsha Ramchandani
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100 Things To Teach My Daughter

100 Things To Teach My Daughter. Would be cool to make a book of the quotes then find pics to match. I agree with most of what she says!

My Friend Got Grounded And The Nest Day Her Mom...

Actually I like the ideas and point system for chores/nice things to do. Make it a fun thing, not about being grounded.

Good things to remember and ask and ask again. Every night until they're grown :)

What was the most fun thing you did today? Who do you want to spend time with tomorrow? How many times do you think you smiled today? What kind of dream do you think you might have?

20 fabulous mommy-daughter dates. i may have pinned this already but just in case....

20 Mommy-Daughter Dates - This is TRULY sweet! I want to do all of these with my daughter! :) Great ideas for both my kids! Fam dates! Mother/son dates too.

How to get the kids to clean up after play ~ Start early with these fun, creative ways to clean up and they'll become life-long habits.

So going to institute this 'Clean your room' check list for kids! Laminate and use a dry erase marker. =) No more checking and rechecking - "Is my room clean yet, Mom?" Don't call me until the checklist is complete :)


Becoming a parent opens you up to all sorts of "helpful" suggestions. From close family members to t.