Here are some people who are having way too much fun with statues. I wish we had better statues where we are. Need to find a good one.


Tea you later

Veggie tales

Everyone should know the hairbrush song. And the water buffalo song. And the theme song. Isn't it weird to think some people don't know VeggieTales?

That last comment!

Our true form closely resembles our lord the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We were made in his image!

omg I'm dying!!

Funny pictures about Michael Cera evolution. Oh, and cool pics about Michael Cera evolution. Also, Michael Cera evolution.


Robin logic OMG this is like my favorite thing ever! I seriously love Robin! (This Robin is my favorite)

RDJ is awesome. The fact he googles himself and posts these/tumblr/who knows....I love it.

Is Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark, or is Tony Stark playing Robert Downey Jr.


No, mister Noodle, your hands!

for real I hated Mr Noodle when the kids were young.banned elmo cuz I was for sure this person screaming "Goddammit Mr Noodle!

Do you want to build a...

This doesn't really go with my board but I laughed soooo hard. Also, CHARLE DAY ❤️

I just want to watch Channing Tatum dance to Pony on repeat without being judged. Is that too much to ask?

Funny Weekend Ecard: I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who gave me a reason to drink this Friday night.