I have to go find a statue.

When statues attack. (think of Weeping Angels from Doctor Who "Blink")

The longer I look at him, the happier I get! This pictures makes me happy just about every single day. That little boy is adorable and you can tell he is SUPER EXCITED to be meeting Tinkerbell.

Little Anna

The sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play! ~ Anna from Frozen ❤️ Best quote ever!


Really Disney?

I HATE ALL of those stupid new shows on Disney channel! They are a disgrace to Walt himself! This is why I only watch Disney movies. I want the old Disney channel back.

oh who hasn't done this?

Jennifer Lawrence gets easily lost…

Someday I'll be a beautiful butterfly.

my life. hahahaha but I know they love me :) "When your parents try to talk to you about your future and you're just there like: 'Someday I'll be a beautiful butterfly.

<3 grumpy cat

Don't stop believin. Never started Journey Steve Perry and Grumpy cat