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"Due to the confidentiality of My job... I don't know what I'm doing" - Funny humorous quotes

and he eats the chickens whenever the team member pisses him off. 'Natasha' is the oldest, and he has to get a new 'Tony' every week.<<< THAT ADDITION

Tumblr & Guardians of the Galaxy

As much as I like pancakes, I'll have to go Team Waffles!! Duke Crocker: Team Waffles; Nathan Wuornos: Team Pancakes;

Chrisbastian Evanstan

Harley Quinn Logo Envelope Wallet - Spencer's

Chris on fight scenes with Tom

I can’t believe someone would ask this. Such ignorance.

A super quick and edgy hairstyle, come checkout the tutorial at Twist Me Pretty!

Batman Harley Quinn Earrings Necklace Set Christmas | eBay

Calming Glitter Bottles - so much fun to create! Ask parents to bring an empty but clean plastic container with a glitter and cooking oil and create your own glitter bottles. The swirling glitter will calm and mesmerize even fussy kiddos! :)

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